Top 10 fintech predictions for 2018

(1) Artificial Intelligence accelerates: Continued innovation and adoption of AI as underlying tech
(2) Regtech rising: Increased investment in regtech around the world
(3) Building bridges: Greater collaboration and partnering between large scale providers
(4) Next gen digital lending: The rise of online mortgage technology and platforms
(5) Beyond use cases: Early success efforts in the initiation of blockchain production systems
(6) Open banking: Open APIs for banking pave the way for third party developers in Europe and globally
(7) New challenger banks: Financial services incumbents building their own digital banks
(8) Insurtech innovation: Accelerated investment in driving insurtech innovations and building hubs around the world
(9) Going full-stack: of solution sets by mature fintech companies
(10) Big tech participation: More partnering between fintech and technology giants

Source: KPMG, cited by The Borneo Post (Malaysia), May 13, 2018, p. 48

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