Bitcoin will go to zero, sez NYU Prof “Dr Doom” Roubini

Feb 27, 2018 (Windy Hill Beach, South Carolina) — A front page story in today’s Wall Street Journal includes a prediction about Bitcoin: “New York University Professor Nouriel Roubini was dubbed ‘Dr. Doom’ for correctly predicting the financial crisis. Then in 2010 he projected a 40% chance of a ‘double-dip recession’ in the U.S. It didn’t happen. Mr Roubini says he doesn’t remember the projection, but that he takes pride in sticking his neck out, as with his latest call that Bitcoin is the biggest bubble in history and will go to zero.”

Source: Rolfe Winkler and Justin Lahart, “How Pundits Never Get It Wrong: Call a 40% Chance | Forecasting tactic covers all outcomes; it’s a ‘distinct possibility’”, The Wall Street Journal, Feb 27, 2018, pp. A1, A10 @A10.

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