Cryptocurrency usability and valuation

by Steve Schulin, Director of Admissions, Cryptocurrency.Academy

July 14, 2017 (Windy Hill Beach, South Carolina) — How much will any particular cryptocurrency coin be worth years from now? There’s a wide range of folks who have opined about Bitcoin, but I suspect that most of them would agree that they’re pretty much guessing, despite their methodology. Usability of any cryptocurrency is a key factor in my valuations of any coin.

An article in today’s Gulf News newspaper discusses the broader question of how big the cryptocurrency sector as a whole will be in years to come. This is no less difficult a question. The author of the article is Aaron Brown, Bloomberg’s “Market Watch” columnist.

He points out that the Internet now represents 3-6% of the global economy (“only 3-6%” is how he puts it, and also notes that “Most of the value in the net today is from things unimagined in 1995.” Cryptocurrencies and their blockchains look to me to be the same type of innovation. “Permissionless innovation” in cryptocurrency/blockchain is one reason that a professor here in my home state is so keen on this sector.

The article has many other interesting facts and insights, including quantification of payment processing revenues. The link below allows you to read the full text of the column.

When I look at a cryptocurrency’s potential for appreciation, my major question is “How usable is it?” There are two cryptocurrencies that stand out in this regard. To learn more about what cryptocurrency my team of Future Billionaires are accumulating now, enter the live chat window on this page and ask about usabilty!

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One thought on “Cryptocurrency usability and valuation

  1. July 14, 2017 – another article today, quite skeptical of cryptocurrencies as an investment, cites a usability-related indicator: “Morgan Stanley’s report this week downplaying cryptocurrencies’ potential as a legitimate currency has not helped either.
    ‘Bitcoin acceptance is virtually zero and shrinking,’ the team of Morgan Stanley analysts led by James Faucette wrote, adding that ‘while five online merchants out of the top 500 tracked by e-commerce analytics site Internet Retailer accepted bitcoin last year, that figure has now shrunk to three’.”

    And by the way, accepting Bitcoin as payment is NOT nearly so important as the article suggests. One of the two cryptocurrencies I mentioned in the body of this blog post as being extraordinary in terms of usability is being provided as rebates for purchases at 4,500 merchants, including many you surely know and probably buy stuff from. Walmart! BestBuy! OfficeDepot! PetSmart! HomeDepot! And many, many more. I even get a 6% rebate in this cryptocurrency when renewing domain name registrations, like this one, from GoDaddy. I got a 12% rebate on the flowers I sent my wife this week with a note about how sweet a day it was when our first child was born 29 years ago. if the coin appreciates to 79 cents (it was at 17 cents when I made the purchase), then the value of the rebate will exceed the price of the flowers. Does that take any of the romance out of that act?

    Ref to article which quoted the Morgan Stanley report: B.K. Sidhu (“Reflections” columnist), “Cryptocurrencies – have they bottomed out?”, StarBiz (Malaysia), 14 July 2017, p. 2 —

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