How to use Proof of Stake mining of cryptocurrency coins

by Steve Schulin, Director of Admissions, CryptoCurrency.Academy

July 13, 2017 (Windy Hill Beach, South Carolina) — Have you ever heard of proof of stake mining of cryptocurrency coins? I’ve personally mined more than 1 million coins. The only mining I’m doing now is by far the easiest, because it uses a “proof of stake” method of allowing you to mine. All it requires is that you install a particular wallet on a computer. When the wallet is open and the computer is connected to the internet, you can be mining. All that’s needed to mine coins is to have some of the cryptocurrency in your wallet. During the first year, you will mine coins in batches of 15. During year two, you will mine coins in batches of 10. After that, you will mine coins in batches of 5.

I bought approximately 1,300 coins about a month ago and have left my wallet running 24 hours a day since then. I’ve already mined over 700 new coins. I expect to add thousands of more coins to my “stake” during each of the next 20 weeks, mainly from a 110% rebate I received from purchase of a $5,500 ecommerce package which contains training videos and software. Every new batch of coins you mine also adds to your “stake”. The batches you mine are in proportion to your share of all the staked coins. There were approximately 1 million staked coins when I checked a couple of days ago, and that number is steadily rising. My stake has resulted in mining one or two batches of 15 coins on a typical day.

To learn more, use the chat window here on www.Cryptocurrency.Academy to ask me or one of my success partners how we use proof of stake mining.

You don’t have to use a new computer to mine. I’m using a ten-year old iMac which does nothing but sit in a corner and mine.


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